TKB ensures optimal results for all our customers. High customer satisfaction and maximum development for our relations are our main drivers.

Our promise

In-house education and training of our staff forms an important part of our commitment to quality. Our programme uses the LEAN six Sigma method to train the people who will be seconded. All staff benefit from a focus on personal development, ensuring continuous high-quality performances. This way, we ensure the quality and can take our partners to a higher level.


TKB believes that people perform best if they feel good. This idea is reflected in our friendly working environment, the opportunities we offer our team members, the way we treat people and our view on hospitality and care.


TKB has independent audit reports on the quality of our processes, including, for example, the ISAE3402 report for our outsourcing department. We have obtained the ISAE3402 certification for our TRUST IT, Outsource and collection services.

Our environment

TKB is based in Amsterdam, in the Adam Smith Building office complex. Our open work spaces on the 10th, 11th and 12th with their bustle of dynamic activities not only confirm TKB as a professional organisation, but also as a strong brand. An environment which reinforces our commitment to quality. We give credit management a distinctive identity and dimension.

A humane approach to debt collection

Our identity