Follow in the footsteps of thousands of financial professionals and discover TRUST IT:
the perfect solution for optimally developed debtor management!

Experience the difference

Imagine saving time, money and energy, because your team has the advantage of more structure and better insight into the credit management processes.

It’s not by accident that TRUST IT is extremely user-friendly and targeted. Over our many years of experience in credit management, we listened to our customers and looked at their requirements in order to develop our TRUST IT software solution. A tool that will save you a lot of worries and work, whilst efficiently guaranteeing the continuity and quality of your credit policy. But that’s just the beginning.

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Continuous improvement

Additionally, you will benefit from all the advantages TKB has to offer – the professional and specialised credit management organisation behind TRUST IT, with the aim of achieving continuous improvement for you as the customer.

Our IT team embraces the latest developments, making us the leaders in tech in our industry and ensuring that as a company we are at the forefront of a world experiencing exponential growth. We also apply innovative approaches and resources to reach the target group, meaning that our advice on smart work practices and how to increase results can be even more targeted.

Internal evaluation

One of TRUST IT’s latest features is internal evaluation, the ability to independently evaluate the creditworthiness of a debtor, making you less dependent on your credit insurer.

"This credit management software automatically schedules all calls and written reminders/warnings, so we can realise our entire debtor management efficiently and effectively."

Elwin Croeze - Order-to-Cash Coordinator, Toyota Material Handling, The Netherlands

Sounds good to you?

A fair, low-cost fee with no hidden costs.
TRUST IT is a complete system: no need for expensive investments in additional hardware, software or modules.

TRUST IT offers you the online flexibility that ensures you global access to your data. Keeping your financial data safe is our highest priority.

TRUST IT can easily be deployed internationally, as the system is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German and French. Another advantage: the number of data records and users you can add to your account is limitless.

There’s no need to worry about system management or maintenance. TKB takes care of this for you, ensuring continuity, quality and service.


Always in control! TRUST IT will fulfil your data needs perfectly. A simple click will give you access to all those important insights, overviews and (management) reports you need.

You will benefit from the latest developments. A minimum of 4 new releases per year.

Segmented and targeted communication for optimal results and customer retention.

Simple, clear and intuitive: 
only minimum training required!

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