Unpaid invoices often have a negative impact on your organisation. Through our decisive, customer-focused approach, we quickly clear away those unpaid debts for you!

Debt collection … what does it mean for you?

That is what we would like to know! Unpaid invoices can have a big impact on the financial health of your organisation. Often they also put pressure on customer relations. You might even have experienced the loss of a good relationship with your customers. And with it your good name in the market.

Immediate advantages

TKB can show you the difference. We ensure customers will pay their invoices, in a decisive and client-friendly way. To achieve this, we use innovative tools and scientific insights. You will immediately benefit from our efficient approach, with customer retention and excellent results as our mission. Isn’t that exactly what you want for your organisation?

"Our professional and TKB in-house trained staff understand exactly how we want to see our debtors approached. The right people in the right place. And that’s really perfect, because TKB essentially is an extension of our organisation."

Gerard Meijer - Team Leader Debtors Management, Unigarant Insurances

Improved results

We will achieve excellent results for you. Some examples:

And always …. ‘no cure – no pay’: if there is no possibility to reclaim the debt, we won’t charge you!

Targeted communication

Shall we reveal the secret of our enduring success? Our innovative approach used, amongst other things, scientific insights from the fields of communication and neurolinguistics. We reach your clients through targeted communication, ensuring they will in fact pay their debts. To achieve this, we will choose the most suitable medium to reach your customers: by phone, email or post, or via an interactive video, for example.

Positive customer experience

Your customers are important to you. That means, they are important to us too! Using our method, we leverage the power of positive customer experiences through aspects such as:

  • Customer retention
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Debt collection in a human way

Our approach is focused on you!

  • Pleasant atmosphere in your department, because you are outsourcing collection of unpaid invoices to us!
  • Speed and purpose
  • One dedicated contact as that works best!
  • No administration and handling costs
  • Insight and overview – always and everywhere
  • Our work is based on various scientific insights
  • International outlook: our native speaker staff make us highly successful. Would you like to know more about our international debt collection policy? Contact us!

Legal proceedings

In situations where legal proceedings against a debtor are unavoidable, TKB offers you all legal expertise you require. If you decide to start legal proceedings , our fixed contact person will be with you all along the way. TKB always follows the road to the best result; our network of bailiffs and lawyers offer optimal support.

Your debtor. Approached within 24 hours.

Submitting the debt file