Do you require flexible deployment of a credit management specialist for a certain period? This could be, for example, during peak periods, for a specific project, to clear unpaid debts, or for replacement during pregnancy or long-term illness.

Improving work processes

Maybe your are looking for an expert who thinks along with you about how to improve your work processes. TKB has a team of credit management specialists who, due to their knowledge and experience, can immediately be deployed in your organisation. Our specialists will fully live up to the TKB quality promise whilst working with you.

Immediate advantages

TKB secondment aims at creating added value for your organisation. Some examples of our direct impact:

  • Less work load/pressure for your department;
  • You will actually achieve your objectives;
  • Your DSO (the days for which your invoices are outstanding) decrease;
  • Your liquidity will rapidly improve.


It is TKB’s mission to realise maximum results for you. High customer satisfaction and ongoing development for our relationships are our main drivers. In-house education and training of our seconded staff forms an important part of this commitment. Our programme uses the LEAN six Sigma method to train our people. We pay a lot of attention to personal development, ensuring continuous high-quality performances from our employees.

A professional who thinks along with you about how to improve your work processes?
TKB secondment creates immediate added value, both for your credit management and your organisation as a whole.

"Its anticipatory attitude and soundboard function makes TKB an industry leader. With just one call to TKB, a solution can be found."

Ruud Bruijniks - Credit Manager, Siemens



Of course our staff are all individual people, but the common factor in their personality, that is the TKB DNA. ‘Translated’, these value will also be recognisable for your organisation: reliable, authentic, purposeful, solution-focused, empathetic and driven.


The right person in the right place, that is the power of TKB secondment. Our specialists will of course always fully respect your company culture. Decisive collectors to clear your outstanding payments and highly capable credit managers who can translate your policies into operations. Our professional consultants will think along with you during processes of change. Experience the difference!

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