TKB’s history has made us the organisation that we are today. From its foundation in 1988 until the current time, we have continued to develop and change with the times. However, our core values and vision have not wavered and form the common thread that links our daily actions and performances for our customers.


We are focused on the future and challenge ourselves to continue to get the best out of ourselves and each other. The market continually changes and TKB is always three steps ahead. This ensures we will always be in tune with our client’s requirements. Both now and in the future.

Rutger van Oosten


In 2010, Tom Pasterkamp hands over the daily management to Rutger van Oosten. It will be his task to progress the vision behind TKB, ensure constant, strategic innovations and take the fast growing team with him in these developments.

TKB 2004


During these years, partly due to market demand, our credit management software TRUST IT has developed. At the same time our Outsourcing department is set up, as a tool to resolve unpaid invoices on behalf of our clients.

TKB 1998


TKB’s pioneering spirit is the driver behind the start of our secondment service. At the end of the nineties, TKB Secondment was set up in response to a concrete demand from clients for TKB professionals to be able to join their internal teams for a certain period.


TKB’s roots are in Amsterdam’s ‘Old West’ district. Tom Pasterkamp started the debt collection agency Trust Krediet Beheer (TKB – Trust Credit Management) from his home. From the beginning his aim was to fulfil his customers’ requirements as well as possible, in his own, non-nonsense way.

In our view, today’s solution is not necessarily the solution for tomorrow

Our identity