Doing business in our own, distinctive manner – that is our motto. Based on our commitment to take our customers’ business headaches away, TKB creates the best way forward for maximum development with each client.

Our vision

‘In our view, today’s solution is not necessarily the solution for tomorrow.’

Even in a market that will continue to change in the future, TKB is following its own course, with the changing needs of the clients as the guiding principle. We never simply accept the current views on credit management. We continuously challenge ourselves and all stakeholders to get the best out of ourselves and each other. For each and every one of our customers, we achieve maximum development that will form the basis of a long-term collaboration.

Our mission

TKB focuses on quality in its services and credit management software. We provide an innovative dimension to credit management – to optimise results for our customers. Through each improvement trajectory, we continuously also strengthen our own organisation.


At TKB, everything revolves around communication. With our customers, with the debtors, and with each other. Through words and through images. But also through the way in which we position our behaviour and attitudes.


We fulfill our corporate social responsibility by doing business in a sustainable and respectful way. Some examples of our socially responsible and sustainable policies:

Customer retention

Our organisation positions itself as intermediary for its relations, with client retention
as a main focus.

Social engagement

  • Young people
    TKB is open to young people with drive, looking for an apprenticeship or graduation project.
  • People rejoining the labour market
    TKB looks at the person behind the job seeker. We offer possibilities for people whose careers have stalled or who changed career at a later stage in life.
  • Partners
    Social commitment is always a plus when we select our business partners. For example, we started a collaboration with a mail partner that works with a social workshop.

A humane approach to debt collection
TKB looks at the person behind the debtor. We listen to debtors and work with them to find a solution for resolving unpaid debts.

‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’
TKB motivates its people and relations to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes our participation in the Amsterdam ‘Dam to Dam’ walk and the 8 kilometer run of the Amsterdam marathon. Together with some of our contacts we also participate in bike tours. Each lunch time, we prepare a healthy lunch for our employees. Periodically, our masseur treats various employees to a chair massage.

We always deliver on our quality promise!

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